Gnome Interchangable DIY Kit

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Gnome Interchangeable Kit Includes:
* Gnome pieces
* Boards as seen in the first will need to be painted or stained.
* The words Gnome Sweet Gnome
* 6 Interchangeable Shapes (clover, heart, ghost, tree, sunflower and snowflake)
* Feet and nose

* 5 colors of either primary paint (red, blue, green, white and black) or pastel colors (pink, yellow, white, light blue and light green).  Or 5 colors of choice.

* Paint brush

* Hanger

* Velcro

 Instructions included.  You will need to supply glue for assembly. $40 Limited quantities.

Gnome Interchangable DIY Kit

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    While we typically get our items out in 3-5 business days, please allow for up to 2 weeks given travel and work restrictions. We are a small business who is now even smaller than we were before. We will continue doing our best to get things made from home and out as soon as possible.  Thanks for understanding.

  • Kit includes:

    • Gnome pieces, 6 interchangealbe arms
    • Boards
    • Paint
    • Paint Brush
    • Stand or Hanger
    • Velcro
    • Glue
  • Refunds:

    Due to the nature of our kits, refunds are not accepted.  If there is an issue please contact us and we will do our best to make you happy.